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Kelsey Weier, Miss Iowa USA 2017

When I was in third grade I purposely failed the annual eye exam our school gave us because I thought glasses were cool. Little did I know I really did need assistance with my eyesight, and years later I hoped someday I would never have to wear contacts or glasses again.

The older I got the more uncomfortable my eyes felt with contacts. It made it hard for me to do every day activities because of the discomfort and dryness my eyes constantly felt. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be able to see without some sort of assistance. Now at the age of 25 I can proudly say I can see more clear than I ever have been able to see before!

Words can not express the amount of appreciation and gratitude I have for Virdi Eye Clinic. Because of Dr. Ijeoma Asota, and Susan Eaker the Lasik coordinator, I am able to compete for the covenant title of Miss USA 2017 this summer contact and glasses free. The doctors and staff at Virdi Eye Clinic have been wonderful to work with! Every time I walked thorough their doors I instantly felt welcomed.

I am very impressed by the amount of knowledge and education Virdi Eye Clinic provides. All my questions were answered in detail and because of this, felt so comfortable when the day came for my Lasik surgery. Getting LASIK eye surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made! I recommend Virdi Eye Clinic to anyone contemplating getting LASIK!

Kelsey Weier, Miss Iowa USA 2017

Elijah Garner

I recently had an extremely positive experience having my eyes, which have long been troubled by nearsightedness and astigmatism, corrected to better than 20/20 vision via this impressive technology.

During pre-surgery visits with Dr. Asota I was helped to determine whether or not mono vision was right for me using prescription contact lenses. In my case the decision was to have both of my eyes corrected completely. Having made this decision, Dr. Asota did a great job determining exactly what my corrective prescription needed to be for each eye, and then, within minutes of this careful study, my nearsightedness and astigmatism were gone.

During the surgery my wife was invited to view and video record the procedure, and when I viewed the video after the fact I could see the skill that was used to perform it. So well done! I have greatly enjoyed the benefits of this procedure, as I can now see more clearly than at any time previously.

Many thanks to Dr. Asota and staff!

Elijah Garner

Alissa Morrison, Miss Iowa USA 2016

I had been struggling with my vision since the age of 13, and at 24 years old, I was blind as a bat. Regular daily activities were impossible unless I was wearing glasses or contacts.

This was becoming a difficult-to-deal-with issue, as I was in the process of preparing to compete in the nationally televised Miss Usa pageant, representing my state as Miss Iowa USA 2016.

From the moment I first spoke with Susan the LASIK coordinator, I felt so comfortable. That feeling continued when I had my initial appointment at Virdi Eye Clinic's beautiful Rock Island office with Dr. Borisuth. After multiple in-depth tests that were run to determine my eligibility for LASIK, I was told not only that I qualified, but that I could also get my procedure done later that week.

When I arrived for my appointment, the entire staff was so kind in helping alleviate the nerves I was feeling. After reassuring me that this would be a simple, swift, and painless procedure, I was situated in the LASIK room. I was shocked to realize how quick and easy the procedure actually is. The entire process took less than 15 minutes, I had no pain whatsoever! After going home to sleep for the afternoon, I woke up with perfect vision. I have since had no side effects, and can't express how liberating it is not to be tied down by my vision.

Dr. Borisuth, Susan, and the staff at Virdi Eye Clinic were absolutely wonderful to work with. I cannot recommend them enough! If you are at all curious to see if LASIK is and option for you, do not hesitate to call Virdi Eye Clinic.

Alissa Morrison, Miss Iowa USA 2016

T. Paul S. Chawla

Twelve years of freedom from being handcuffed to coke bottle lenses and gold rimmed (goofy) spectacles...Thank you Dr. Navaneet Borisuth and the Virdi Eye Clinic for the freedom to see life without see the undulations of a putting see underwater without blurriness when be able to wear sunglasses in Chicago summers... no more foggy windows to the world with Lasik surgery at the Virdi Eye Clinic and Laser Vision Center. He and his expert staff presented excellent and professional care. In fact, my recovery was incredible and my follow-up care with his clinic was equally impeccable. After 30+ years of wearing glasses with all the limitations, I was now free... and left his office in August 2002, with 20/20 vision in both eyes. I am forever grateful for his expertise and care. I recommend Dr. Borisuth and his team at Virdi without reservation.


T. Paul S. Chawla

Dr. Jason Green DC

I honestly didn't know what to expect walking into my first visit before my i-Lasik surgery. Walking into the building you could see that the Virdi Eye Clinic was a beautiful establishment. The office staff were very friendly and caring. Believe it or not, that actually carried over to the surgical assistants and surgeon himself. They did a great job of introducing me to the program I was going to be going through, and answering any questions I had. On top of it all, the surgery was a complete success and a piece of cake. And nof ro the first time in many years I can see without glasses or contact. I honeslty couldn't be any happier with my service and surgery at the Virdi Eye Clinic.


Dr. Jason Green DC

Barry Snodgrass - Happy Patient!

This is one of the best things I have done in my life. On May 5th, 1999 I had Lasik surgery with another company and it did work and I had no glasses. Then as I aged I went to cheaters then glasses again. I needed new lenses and heard the Virdi advertisement. I thought since I had Lasik surgery already and my age I couldnt not do anything. I went in and saw Dr. Borisuth just to check and see if anything could be done. Dr. Borisuth looked at my eyes and said he could get rid of my glasses! I can read like a ten year old again. His staff, nurses and himself were extremely courteous and patient. Customer services is a 5 star rule there, the follow-up appointments, the surgery, tests were a breeze. I cannot think of one thing that I would change in any of their treatment. I challenge anyone to find better service or treatment. I can read a fortune cookie now without glasses. Now I know what the small print on a toothpaste tube says. I sincerely urge anyone regardless of age to go get checked. I highly recommend the Virdi Eye Clinic with Dr. Borisuth.


Barry Snodgrass - Happy Patient!

Sheila Holdren

I had an appointment yesterday with Susan and Dr. Borisuth. I had Lasik by Dr. Borisuth in Feb 2002. I will never forget that day, as I received a wonderful gift... the gift of sight without glasses or contact. I recently went back to school ( I am 46 years old) and have been using "cheater" glasses from the dollar store and thought maybe I should see Dr. Borisuth to make sure everything was okay. He was impressed with how well my distance vision has maintained and said my reading was only minimally impaired. I am going to try a contact lense for ten days before deciding if I want to get an enhancement or not. I just have to say Susan and Dr. Borisuth are wonderful and definitely know how to make someone feel very comfortable. Thank you guys again for the wonderful job that you did in 2002. I am forever grateful.


Sheila Holdren

Angela Nieman

I started my journey at Virdi Eye Clinic because I had heard of your wonderful reputation time and time again. I was warmly welcomed during my visit and put at ease by the staff. I was happy to be able to speak with Dr. Borisuth during my first visit. Despite the good feelings I had that day, I decided that no responsible individual would simply stop there without researching other options.

I attended an informational seminar at a different facility.The questions asked during that seminar opened my eyes to a host of different issues others were encountering. As well as gave me more questions I wanted to ask at my own consultation. I was very disappointed by the lack of a doctor on hand to answer most of the questions posed by the group. I went back for a free consultation at this facility to try to get some of these questions answered and again was disappointed. The doctor left me waiting alone in an exam room for nearly half an hour. Once he arrived he hurried through the visit and I didn't get to ask all of my questions. When I left, I knew I wasn't going back.

My third consultation was at a facility in Cedar Rapids that offered a surface procedure. While I initially thought this sounded like a good option, I soon learned that they were using older equipment and my level of correction was almost beyond the limits of their machine. That effectively scratched them off my list. After two bad visits, I was disheartened, but not ready to give up. I had more questions to ask at Virdi, but knew that a visit after my first consultation was not going to be free. My answer was found less than a week later in the paper... an ad for an informational seminar at Virdi Eye Clinic on March 1st! I called and signed up immediately.

The night of the seminar was amazing! I was so excited to be able to ask my questions that I was the first one there. Susan recognized me from my first consultation and happily started up a conversation with me. I was absolutely amazed when the seminar began and Dr. Borisuth handled it personally. I took a ton of notes and appreciated the presentation that even included video of a portion of an actual procedure. It was wonderfully informative and everyone got their questions answered as full and thoughtfully as anyone could have wanted. I cannot begin to describe how impressed I was by Dr. Borisuth that evening. And then the drawing came and my name was drawn for the free procedure! Disbelief was first, then the shock, and finally the excitement. I'm not positive, but I think my car floated home that evening.

After that, things moved along amazingly fast, since my contacts had already been out long enough. I was relieved by this because I had begun getting headaches while reading and doing other vision intensive things. But as the day got nearer, nerves almost got the best of me. Amazingly, I thought, considering how much time I had put into researching the procedure. On March 12, 2010, I had my I-Lasik procedure. As the days followed my vision continually improved. My night vision seemed to take a touch longer (as is the normal healing process). And now, I am seeing better than 20/20 and my headaches are gone. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

I have spoken to many others who are either looking to have I-Lasik done or have had it done. Of those who've had it and haven't had good results; most say it is because they should have chosen a better place (and oftentimes say they wish they had gone to Virdi). Of those who haven't had it done, I tell them my story and recommend them to Virdi Eye Clinic. Thank you for what you have done for me. I will never forget it!


Angela Nieman

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My eyes feel so much better since I had the procedure. I use the warm compress eye mask daily. That feels great! I only use eye drops once or twice a week now. I would highly recommend this procedure!

Darla O.

The lipiflow treatment was “pleasant - not scary at all. Eyes feel younger somehow.

Rhonda M.

Experience was really relaxing, much to my surprise!

Betty K

It felt awesome. Wish it could be done every month.

Mindy R.

I really enjoyed the treatment. It made my eyes feel renewed and refreshed. Very relaxing treatment. Would highly recommend.

Margaret W

I started my journey at Virdi Eye Clinic because I had heard of your wonderful reputation time and time again. I was warmly welcomed during my visit and...

Angela Nieman

I had an appointment yesterday with Susan and Dr. Borisuth. I had Lasik by Dr. Borisuth in Feb 2002. I will never forget that day, as I received a wonderful...

Sheila Holdren

This is one of the best things I have done in my life. On May 5th, 1999 I had Lasik surgery with another company and it did work...

Barry Snodgrass

I honestly didn't know what to expect walking into my first visit before my i-Lasik surgery. Walking into the building you could see that the

Dr. Jason Green DC

Twelve years of freedom from being handcuffed to coke bottle lenses and gold rimmed (goofy) spectacles...Thank you Dr. Navaneet Borisuth...

T. Paul S. Chawla


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